February 6, 2012

We went to The Toledo Hospital today to deliver a basket of food & goodies to a family staying at the hospital with their daughter, Arlyn. Please pray for this little girl & her family. We are hoping this basket helps lift their spirits & we are praying they get to go home soon! Please keep Arlyn & her family in your prayers!

February 2, 2012

Today, we sent a prepaid VISA gift card to a family that we originally met through R Angel because of their sweet little boy, Ridge. Well, Ridge & his family have had a long road, but recently Ridge's mom went into surgery to donate one of her kidneys to Ridge. What an awesome mommy she is! We are happy to say they are both doing very well, but Ridge still has a long road to recovery, so we wanted to send them another R Angel to help with this hospital stay. Please pray for Ridge's recovery & for his mom's recovery as well!

We also sent a prepaid VISA to a family of a new little baby, Cullen. He was transferred to the Toledo Hospital NICU at birth because of what they thought was a traumatic reaction to the birth. That's the last I've heard, but please pray for him as he gets better & hopefully strong enough to come home with his family! We hope this gift card will help his parents as they spend these difficult days in the hospital. They live about an hour away from the hospital so we know how expensive gas can get as well. Please keep baby Cullen in your thoughts and prayers!