April 15, 2013

We have been very busy with R Angel lately.  We recently sent a prepaid VISA to a family whose little girl has been having a lot of testing done.  We know it can get very expensive traveling back and forth to the hospital, so we are hoping this will help pay for some of those expenses.  Please keep Reagan and her entire family in your prayers!

We also sent 2 prepaid VISAs to a mother and father of a little boy that passed away after being in a car accident.  We know the pain of losing a child, although every situation is different.  We also know the expenses that come from funeral costs, etc. & are hoping this small gift helps in some way.  Please keep this family in your prayers as well!

We also sent a prepaid VISA to the parents of baby Addyson.  Addyson was born 5 weeks early and diagnosed with cerebral lissencephaly, which is a very serious condition in which the brain stops growing at a certain point in utero.  Her parents are staying at the Ronald McDonald House so we thought a VISA gift card would be the most useful during this difficult time.  Please keep baby Addyson and this entire family in your thoughts and prayers as well!