September 1, 2017

I am so behind but we have so many babies to pray for!  Over the last month, we have sent prepaid VISA cards to 4 different families. One card was for my dear friend Chelsey & her little boy Charlie. Charlie has Rhizomelic Chondrodysplasia Punctata (RCDP), which is a form of dwarfism. Charlie was in the hospital for surgery. He had a difficult time being extubated after surgery but I am SOOO happy to report that he is HOME now & doing amazing!!  Please continue to pray for sweet Char because he continues to struggle day to day with RCDP.

The second one was for baby Levi. He was born at 32 weeks & was going to spend many weeks in the NICU. Please continue to pray for baby Levi as he grows big & strong!

The third one was for baby Casadie. Baby Casadie was born a twin & unfortunately lost her twin at birth. Please pray for this family as they mourn the loss of one baby while rejoicing in the birth of another baby, who had to spend time in the NICU on top of everything else.

The fourth one was for another sweet baby that was born a twin. One twin was in the NICU & sadly, the other twin passed away. Again, please pray for this family that is mourning the loss of one twin & caring for the other twin in the hospital.

Thank for all for the continued prayers & support!  Please pray for all these families & sweet children!

February 20, 2017

We recently sent 2 gift cards to 2 families with babies in the hospital. The first one was for baby Claire. She is only 1 month old & was admitted to the hospital for RSV & bronchitis. She has since been discharged & we are so happy to hear she is doing well!!

The other gift card went to the family of baby Julian. He was born at 34 weeks & needed to spend some time in the NICU to allow his little body to get big enough & strong enough to come home.

Please pray for baby Claire & baby Julian & their families!

January 13, 2017

A few weeks ago, we were notified of a family that had previously lost 2 babies to severe prematurity. At the beginning of December, they had another sweet baby, Jase. He was born at 34 weeks & had to stay in the NICU for quite some time to grow & develop. We recently sent them a VISA gift card to help pay for expenses they incurred while Jase was in the hospital. Please pray for this family & baby Jase!