January 3, 2012

Our first 2 R Angels of the year! Yesterday, we had some help from the St. John's student again. We took 2 baskets of food & goodies to the PICU at The Toledo Hospital. Our dear friends in the PICU picked out 2 families that could use the baskets & delivered them. Last night, we received an email from one of the families thanking us for the basket. This mom is from a few hours away & has 4 children at home. Her baby girl is only 3 months old and in the hospital so the mom is having a very hard time. The basket seemed to be something that she really needed so we are happy to have found such a deserving family! Please pray for her little baby, Holly Grace, and for a speedy recovery! Please also pray for the other child who we gave a basket too. We don't know many details - just that this child will be in the hospital for a while.

Today, we sent a prepaid VISA to a family that had their baby boy, Gideon, 11 weeks early. They are up in Michigan away from their home so we sent them a VISA to help pay for some of their expenses. The dad actually lived across the street from my family when I was little so we are so happy to help them out in a small way during this difficult time. Please pray for sweet baby Gideon to get big enough & strong enough to come home soon :)

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