June 27, 2012

This week, we sent two R Angel prepaid VISAs.  One was for friends of our family and their new baby Colton.  Colton was born prematurely and spent several weeks in the NICU.  He was actually there when we were so we were able to meet him soon after he was born.  Such a cutie!  Colton is now home and doing well.  Our gift card was a little late, but we are hoping that his parents can use it for gas for doctor's appointments or to help a little with some medical bills, etc. 

The other gift card was for the family of Logan, a little baby who was born with his heart on the wrong side of his chest.  He was transferred up to Michigan for heart surgery, but was having many complications.  I found out today that he is being removed from life support and probably isn't going to make it.  So, please keep this family in your prayers during this very difficult time.  We know all too well how hard it can be to go through something like this, so our hearts ache for them.

Please keep Colton and his family in your thoughts and prayers as well as Logan and his family!  Thank you!

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