October 8, 2013

We recently heard of a little girl, Imogen, who has been diagnosed with a rare cancer and is going through chemotherapy.  What a long road she has ahead of her!  We sent this family a prepaid VISA card to help pay for some of the expenses that they will incur.  Please pray for this little girl and her family as they go through this difficult time!

We also sent a prepaid VISA card to the family of a little baby girl who was born early at 4 lbs. 5 oz. and will be spending some time in the NICU.  Please pray for this little baby and her family!

We also reached out and sent a prepaid VISA card to a family who recently had quadruplets!  Wow - can you imagine?!?  They were born around 30 weeks gestation and are all in the NICU, but doing well!  The babies have an older sister at home, so mom & dad are trying to balance their time with her and being at the NICU with the babies.  This can be so difficult - we know all too well!  We also want to mention that these 4 babies also had another sibling (yes, she was pregnant with quintuplets) that passed away early in her pregnancy.  So, please pray for this family.  Pray for the parents as they travel back and forth to the hospital daily.  Please pray for big sister as she learns to share her time with her new siblings.  Please pray for this family as they watch their quadruplets grow big & strong, yet remember their 5th sweet baby that never made it to this earth.  And please pray for the quadruplets themselves - that they grow big enough & strong enough to come home very soon!

Another family to keep in your prayers!  This mom recently had triplets!  Since 2 of the babies were monoamniotic twins, there was a high risk to the babies, and they had to be born at 29 weeks.  The smallest baby was born at 1 lb 15 oz.  Mom & dad live about 45 miles from the hospital and are trying to be there daily with their triplets.  They also have children at home, which makes the whole situation even harder!  We sent them a prepaid VISA card as well.  Please pray for this family & all these sweet babies!

Last family to pray for (although we know there are so many others out there that we just haven't heard about).  This is the family of sweet little Camille, who is battling kidney disease and awaiting a liver/kidney transplant.  We know this family has a long journey ahead of them - we have sent them a prepaid VISA card to help with travel expenses.  Please keep them in your prayers as well!

Thank you for your continued support & God Bless!!!!

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