April 17, 2104

We have several families to keep in your prayers!  We recently sent a gift card to a family of baby Blaire who was in the hospital with respiratory issues. We also sent a gift card to the family of baby Mallorie who was born with Down Syndrome & having some medical issues. What a sweetheart this precious baby is & this story holds a special place in our hearts :). We sent another gift card to a mother who is expecting quintuplets very soon. These babies will be in the hospital for quite some time when they are born due to having 5 at once!  We sent yet another gift card to the family of baby John. He was born at 25 weeks due to complications with the pregnancy. Baby John is currently fighting an infection. His parents have 3 children at home so they are juggling a lot at this time!  Please keep all these babies in your thoughts & prayers, as well as their families who are putting their lives on hold to be at the hospital with them. Thank you all for your continued support!

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  1. Thank you so much for the help. I am now 26 weeks lregnant with quintuplets and in bed rest here in Parkland hospital.