October 30, 2014

I am very behind on my posts - sorry!  A few weeks ago, we sent out 3 more VISA gift cards.  One went to the family of little baby Evelyn, who was born 6 weeks early by emergency c-section & had to go the NICU. 

Another went to the family of a little girl that was in a car accident with her mom.  The mom & little girl both ended up in the hospital, but in separate hospitals, so extended family was taking turns being with each of them.  What a difficult situation for all!

The last gift card went to the family of twins, Alex & Max.  When the twins were born, Max had to go to the NICU & Alex was able to go home.  Due to all the viruses going around & NICU rules, it was difficult for mom to take Alex with her when she went to be with Max.  Therefore, mom & dad took turns staying at the hospital & at home with each baby.  Both twins are now home & doing great, so praise the Lord for that :)

All these stories just bring me back to when we spent so much time in the hospital with Remi & Benzen.  It is so difficult living in the hospital, especially when you just want to take your child home.  Please pray for all these families & all the other families that we don't know about!  The holiday season is coming up very quickly & although I pray all the children can be home for the holidays, I know that's just not reality.  So pray for their strength to get through these difficult days!

Thank you for your prayers & support!  By the way, we are working on getting R Angel to be an official non-profit organization!  So exciting!!!

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